Throwing Stones


Sunday Gatherings- 10:00AM Worship Gathering

May 08, 2022


The nine white letters on my sky blue t-shirt beg for one simple answer. So sitting at Tony's last night, Tiny bites. "Benghazi?" The puzzled look on my face spoke for me. "Benghazi matters." Tiny says. Again, my face invites further clarification. "Your shirt." Finally it clicks. My shirt.

What matters? "Sure, Benghazi matters. Lot's of things matter, but my shirt reminds us YOUR STORY MATTERS." Now this guy had some stories and he went on to tell me several. "I grew up in Northeast Ohio and moved here about 10 years ago..." We were ready to go, he was just getting started.

In John 8 we read the story of a woman the church refused to forget. Why? HER STORY MATTERS. However, that day she was not the only one to receive a pass, her accusers did too. Why? Because THEIR STORY MATTERS too. While every member of the crowd dropped their stones in recognition of their own guilt, Jesus chooses to release them of their guilt as well. Jesus refuses to condemn them as well, JESUS STORY MATTERS. Jesus would give his life for this woman and all of her accusers. He would take their place and pay for their sin and yours. This is the story that matters. YOUR STORY MATTERS, Jesus died for it.

Her Story Matters so much the church insisted it be told. Their Story Matters so much no woman, man or child should be treated like her. Jesus Story Matters so much mere mortal would ever demonstrate law and grace like Jesus.

Your story Matters whether abuser or abused, your story matter, Jesus died for it. Jesus died for you because in your heart of hearts, you are this woman. Jesus died for you because in your heart of hearts, you are these stoners. Bottom Line: Let’s drop our stones and embrace every opportunity to share God's grace.