Name Calling


Sunday - 10:30AM Worship Gathering | Wednesday - 6:30 PM THE HUB For Middle & High school

Sep. 12, 2021

Where did your name come from? In the Near East a name would be lived up to or lived down. A name was chosen that reflected the unique calling and character of the child. Many great Bible heroes were renamed to reflect their great deeds. Today, our name is our identity. We value our name over every other word. Did you know when  we come face to face with Jesus he has a new name planned for us? We currently live between two names. Our parents have named us based on any number of reasons. I know people named after celebrities, blue jeans, family and one guy named after his dad's favorite beer. Most of us live with the name we are given and make the best of it, but one day the Heavenly Father will call us a name He alone knows. Most of us live our lives seeking to be good or successful. What would life be like if instead, we lived seeking to be named? Do you have an inkling of the name God may one day call you?