Hushing the Thunder


Sunday Gatherings- 10:00AM Worship Gathering

Oct. 10, 2021

"Sons of Thunder" seems like a rough nickname. Whether they grew up with a thunderous father or developed a reputation of their own we may never know. What we do know is James and John grew into different people while following Jesus and we can too. Our salvation begins today, not the day we die. We can experience real and lasting peace despite our troubling circumstances. The best way to find healing for our mental health is through God's Holy Word by the power of God's Holy Spirit at work within us while surrounded by God's Holy People. At times we should also trust the wisdom of a good counselor to guide us as well. In today's message Corey shares the story of Kyle, a young father, a small town hero who trusted Jesus but struggled with his mental health. Please, if you are struggling with your own mental health, seek some good godly counsel.