Heart Made Hopeful


Sunday - 10:30AM Worship Assembly | Wednesday - 6:30 PM THE HUB For Middle & High school

Apr. 18, 2021

      Whose faith makes you grateful?  Where do you find your hope? Who do you think might be grateful for your love?  In Ephesians 1 Paul expresses his great desire for the church to know Jesus like he does. He prays for God to open their heart eyes that they might know God better, but it is not a generic prayer, it is a power prayer. He prays for them to know their hope, their value and the incomparable power of knowing Jesus. Paul envisions a church where the resurrection power of Jesus  fills the church to fulfill God's mission. God empower us and directs us to accomplish his will. The Father chooses the Son to function as a head dependent on its body. As the hands and feet of the body of Christ He chooses to be incomplete without us; we complete his fullness. This is a heart made hopeful.