Beloved - Walking Away Part 1


Sunday - 10:30AM Worship Gathering | Wednesday - 6:30 PM THE HUB For Middle & High school

Mar. 06, 2022

Three types of people gathered on the hillside by the sea that day. A group of selfish people gathered, when the massive gathering became hungry they thought "What's mine is mine." Another group of extremely selfish people came simply expecting someone else to provide and they thought "What's your's is mine." Fortunately one little boy showed up with a different attitude, a selfless attitude. He took action and though he didn't have much, he said "What's mine is yours Jesus." He discovered that day the blessing of giving everything to Jesus and watching Jesus do his thing. What would God do with us if we would do the same and simply trust God with all we have and with all we are? Maybe we too could walk away full.