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"Go and make disciples. . ." Matthew 28:19-20

Christ Covenant Church is fully committed to seeing the Gospel spread throughout the world. If you would like more information about our missionaries, or are seeking support as a missionary, please contact us. Below are just a few of the areas both locally and Internationally that we support through prayer and donations. You too can help support any of these missions by clicking on the Give button.

Aaron Monts - Seattle, Washington

We bring together people from diverse backgrounds and spiritual beginnings, confident that together we can inspire one another towards a positive engagement in this world. We experiment, we try new things, we fail, all along the way writing new stories of hope and love and justice. We are dreamers, artists, activists, and faithful friends who will not give up on who Jesus has called us to be and do together.
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IJM (International Justice Mission)

We are a global organization partnering with local justice systems to end violence against people living in poverty. We need you with us. Freedom is the most valuable gift of all, and $24 a month means you can send rescue every day. Our Freedom Partners give monthly to a cause that's near to them. Give a voice to those who’ve been silenced.
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Arianne Patty - SE Asia

Arianne Patty serves in South East Asia to bring the lost to Jesus.
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Some Other Place - Beaumont, Texas

Some Other Place was founded in 1968 by the local religious community to meet the unfulfilled emergency needs of the poor and "hurting" residents of the Beaumont community. When no one could help, they were told they had to go to some other place...thus, the name Some Other Place. It allows people to have somewhere to go when all else fails. All S.O.P. services are offered at no charge to the recipient. Some Other Place is an ecumenical mission for an urban ministry. It is a place where people of all faiths come together to provide services of all types to people who find themselves in emergency situations. S.O.P. is funded solely by donations from concerned people of local religious congregations, business and civic groups and individuals. We are staffed by hundreds of volunteers and supported by a limited staff of people who are putting their faith to work.
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Johnson University

At Johnson University our mission is to educate students for Christian ministries and other strategic vocations framed by the Great Commission in order to extend the kingdom of God among all nations.
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